Summer Cup

Each year we host a Summer Cup for all clubs in Denmark, and non-Danish clubs.S

Summer Cup 2020 is held on Saturday 13th June 2020 in Arena Nord, Frederikshavn – Denmark.

  • Invitation to Sommer Cup 2019 can be found here.
  • Registration Form for the Summer Cup 2019
  • Lunch & t-shirt ordering sheet


Admission adults in presale                                                         XX DKK + fee.

Admission children (6-14 years) in presale                              XX DKK + fee.

Admission adults at the entrance                                               XX DKK.

Admission children (6-14 years) at the entrance                     XX DKK.

Children (0-5 years) are free when accompanied by paying adults.

Time Schedule

The time schedule will be made after the team registration deadline, and it will be available on this site, when it is settled. 

The competition is expected to have in march at 10.00 am and competition start around 10.30 am. The Group and Partner Stunt will carried out before the in march.